It’s amazing that billions of people around the world are able to stay sane without Shabbat.
— Carly H., NYT Reporter
Inspired by Saadya’s tireless mission to always invite people who might not otherwise be exposed to Shabbat, we have also made it our mission to always invite at least one guest we have never met before, to ensure that Shabbat is a “pay it forward” celebration.
— Ruvym G.
Amazing people, amazing food, amazing conversations, amazing atmosphere. Everything at the Shabbat Society is created with approachable yet sophisticated standards in mind - from the decor to the food, to the guests, to the conversations. And let’s not forget the always transcendent words shared by Rabbi Saadya, which stay with you for days.
— Brigitte V.

The Shabbat Society

I founded the Shabbat Society to bring global peace and serenity through personal and communal gatherings of NYC's most diverse and talented young Jews.

The Shabbat Society's name denotes our two main aims:

  1. To create and grow a society of diverse, talented young people of NYC around Shabbat and the Shabbat dinner experience.
  2. To impact our larger society with the ethos and vision of Shabbat - peace and serenity for all peoples everywhere.