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‘He’s not like the other religious people I met,’ said Gadi, a friend who I grew up with in a suburb of north Tel Aviv who’s even less spiritual than I am.
— Gil Shefler, Yedioth Ahronoth
Saadya manages to cut through all the superficiality of the daily grind and he really connects with people authentically. A true friend to all of his students... His passion and energy is contagious and no one feels
intimidated to ask questions... He is a true leader...
— Susan Lazar
Saadya’s dedication to bring Torah to his students and his level of knowledge – not just about Torah, but philosophy, history, and importantly, popular culture – keeps everyone coming back for more.

My life has taken on a new dimension since I’ve been going to class, and my goal is to continue to incorporate Saadya’s teachings into everything I do!
— Danielle Schaefer

About Saadya Notik

What does a girl in an Eastern meditation cult in Iowa have in common with a young drug addict from Florida? Or a former gang-banger with a child out of wedlock from Texas with a Rastafarian Jew from Serbia who wants to be a rabbi? Or a gay soul- searching Jew with an Episcopalian teenager from Memphis who never knew he was Jewish?

They share the same rabbi.

Meet Saadya Notik: a rabbi without borders who leads a synagogue without walls. In this global community are men, women and children, Jews and non-Jews, the rich and poor, the famous and infamous.

Its members are mostly unaffiliated with any synagogue or Jewish organization. Some are atheistic or agnostic, others deeply religious. Some have minimal Jewish education, most none.

The one thing they have in common is a friend and spiritual guide in Saadya, a nonjudgmental rabbi who accepts them as they are and helps them to grow in their understanding of their self and the world around them, each at their own pace.

Saadya has traveled to over 60 cities in over 10 countries and over 30 of the United States to reach out, connect and inspire his fellow brothers and sisters, leading some to dub him their “International Rabbi.”

Saadya lives with his wife Mushky and their three children in Brooklyn, NY. Mushky is the cofounder of the fashion line MIMU MAXI.