In their own words

Although I subscribe to none of the Orthodox Jewry which is the focus of your life... I must tell you that you have left a permanent impression upon me and Kathy... Your enthusiasm, incredible engaging personality, joy of life (and dancing) make you a remarkably wonderful person and well suited for your goals.
— Don R.
Thank you for breathing into my soul and bringing me back to life. You and your wife have helped me more than I could ever begin to explain.
— Justin B.
Meeting you and speaking with you has been an honor. You are a wonderful person who has made me see things in a light I haven’t seen things in in a long time.
— Robyn L.
“He’s not like the other religious people I met,” said Gadi, a friend who I grew up with in a suburb of north Tel Aviv who’s even less spiritual than I am.

He was persuaded to come after he met Notik at a bar...But the conversation flowed and touched a wide range of topics in a free and open exchange of ideas. What surprised me was just how well-versed Notik and his friends were on issues unrelated to the community...

In short, if I had expected a sermon-laden night I was wrong. With Notik and friends I found a common language. They didn’t try to save my soul nor did I try to “open their eyes” to the wider world. I didn’t have to, they know it just as well as I do.
— Gil Shefler, Yediot Achronot
I miss your spirit and energy but haven’t forgotten even for a second all of the things that we learned and shared during the trip. Just wanted to say thanks again for everything!
— Matt P.
Much love and gratitude for the positive effect you have had on my life.
— Simon B.