Open Dialogue Series


Delve deeper than 140-characters and broader than the latest headline.


He must have a had a moment of prophecy when addressing us - a room full of ambitious and creative New Yorkers - we are all so busy getting our “existence” together that it’s easy to forget the whole point of life is to live.
— Danielle S.
We always seem to find threads of deep discussion at the Shabbat Society, and this was no different. What I appreciated the most about the dialog with Manis was his ability to put words and descriptions to the elusive concepts of being, life, and existence, and to do so in a way that was actionable.
— Aaron J.
Really appreciate you putting on these enriching situations and sending out open invitations, especially for someone like me who knows very little about the Jewish culture - it is an eye opening experience and exposure I am thankful to have.
— Shelley K.
As a psychiatrist, I found his comments about relationships and the nature of intimacy quite insightful, profound and enlightening. He was very approachable and spent an extra hour with me afterwards discussing how best to treat certain relationship problems that I encounter in my private practice. He has beautiful energy, a unique and very important message, and a lively style that keeps his audience consistently engaged.
— Anna Y.