Dear Saadya, I have to thank you from the depths of my heart for making our wedding day so special… you did a kick ass job for your first [officiating] wedding! Everyone said that they were so glad that you explained everything and you made everyone feel like they were a part of the ceremony – that it was an experience -not that they were merely spectators (not counting the Chupah holders). It was a special day – and I have several photos from that day on my phone… and I look at them every day and it puts such a smile on my face.
— Felicia Stoler, Celebrity Nutritionist, Author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes

When planning a Jewish wedding, remember to hire a master of ceremonies to guide your guests through the legal and spiritual significance of the marriage ceremony. There is great depth, beauty and relevance to each of the steps of the traditional Jewish wedding, but without a trusted guide, much is lost on even the keenest of observers.

As your wedding MC my goal is to make sure you are confident that your guests will feel included in your most precious moment and to set a warm and familial vibe to what can otherwise be a cold and boring ceremony.

This most special moment in your life is witnessed by your nearest and dearest. Make sure that they feel engaged by the wedding ceremony and embraced by its timeless wisdom. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful guidance, making the ceremony more comfortable, enlightening and memorable for them - and for you!