Monday's with Saadya

Wine & Wisdom: Weekly Class on Jewish Thought and Spirituality

Its stories have been told millions of times the world over to hundreds of millions of people in every conceivable dialect.

Its words have been praised, criticized, and condemned. Its pages the target of disinformation and conspiracy theories. Its prose the inspiration for many a poet and scholar, many a rumor and myth. Its narrative the foundation for major religions. Its ink pretext for war and for peace.

Now explore the stories as you've never explored them before.  

Join us this Fall in NYC for a closer and more personal look at the actual texts of the greatest and longest living stories ever told. Stimulate your mind and heart as we unravel the stories of Genesis, layer after layer, to reveal the perpetual heartbeat of every story ever to be born.


No background in Hebrew or Jewish study necessary. Skeptics welcome.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am completely fascinated and also overwhelmed by how much there is to learn (and how little I know!).
— Danielle Schaefer

Meeting with Saadya once a week for studying brings me a lot of understanding and personal enlightenment. I connect to the teachings and talk with Saadya about its impact on my personal life. Connecting to Torah, Kabbalah and Chasidus, allows me to evolve as a person and bring some
positive energy into my week.
— Ludovic Audesson

Amazing class tonight! Loved it and so relevant!
Simply perfect. Looking forward to the next one!
— Molly Przetycki
Every Monday night at 7pm. Nassau and Fulton. 

Every Monday night at 7pm. Nassau and Fulton. 

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Saadya manages to cut through all the superficiality of the daily grind and he really connects with people authentically. A true friend to all of his students, he is always there to listen and help with the guiding Torah knowledge at his fingertips.

His passion and energy is contagious and no one feels intimidated to ask questions because of the easygoing and relaxed environment that Saadya creates week after week. He is a true leader - wanting his students to grow and learn and share the journey with him together.

I look forward to Monday nights every week!
— Susan Lazar


Monday, January 27
Terumah: The Temple Within

Monday, January 20
Mishpatim: The Kabbalah of Milk and Meat

Monday, January 13
Yisro: Capturing (the Revolution of) Sinai
Dedicated to the memory of Ariel Sharon.

Monday, January 6
Beshalach: Which ways the right way? None of the Above.

Monday, December 30
Bo: Fear No Ego

Monday, December 23
Va'eira: Ten Ways to Destroy Your Life

Monday, December 16
Shemot: How to Become a Public Defender

Monday, December 9
Twelve Steps to Self/World Transformation

Monday, December 2
Chanukah: The Inside Story Part II

Monday, November 25
Chanukah: The Inside Story

Monday, November 18
Vayeishev: Hey Mr. DJ, Keep Playin' That Song!

Monday, November 11
Vayishlach: Embracing Our Humanity, Enhancing Intimacy

Monday, November 4
Vayeitzei: The Female Revolution Will Be Televised

Monday, November 21
Toldot: The Art of Harmony

Monday, November 14
Chayei Sarah: Beauty in the Beast

Monday, November 7
Vayeira: The Evolution of Love (or "On Negotiating With G-d")

Monday, October 31
Bereishis+Noach+Lech Lecha: Insights Into The First Three Portions

Monday, September 5
Ki Teitzei: Holy Chutzpah

Monday, August 22
No Class

Monday, August 15
Eikev: A Moment of Silence
Video Presentation and Discussion

Monday, July 11
Korach: Please Mind the Gap

Monday, June 13
Shelach: Fact or Friction?

Monday, June 6
Shavuot: Being Here, Now

Monday, May 30
Memorial Day
No Class

Monday, May 23
Bamidbar: Individuality vs. Community

Monday, May 16
Bechukotai: Eating on the Job: Slaves, Employees and Partners

Monday, May 9
Behar: The Kabbalah of Venture Capitalism
Class Re-Kickoff: Sushi and L'chaims Served

Monday, January 3
Bo: The Soul of Ego

Monday, December 20
Shemot: The Power of Trust

Monday, December 13
Vayechi: The Human Story in Twelve Words

Monday, December 6
Vayigash: A Channel of Consciousness

Monday, November 29
Chanukah: The Inside Story

Monday, November 22
Vayeishev: Dreaming of You

Monday, November 15
Vayishlach: How Femininity Can Transform Our Society and World

Monday, November 8
Vayeitzei: Breaking of the Vessels
Order from Chaos, Energy from Matter: The Art of the Spark

Monday, November 1
Toldot: The Mother of All Deceptions
Uncover the mystical dimension of the puzzling story of Jacob masquerading as his brother Esau to deceive his father Isaac into blessing him instead.

Monday, October 25
Chayei Sarah: Uniting Extremes

Monday, October 18
Vayeira: The Natural vs. The Supernatural

Monday, October 11
Fire Benefit Concert

Monday, October 4
Bereishit: Garden of Eden: Take Two
The first story in human history is a story we all know:
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

But what really happened? Is the story really as simple as we've always been led to believe?
And, honestly, does any of it really matter?

Monday, September 27
Sukkot: Join Us in the Bustle and Embrace of the Sukkah at Bryant Park for an Experiential Class

Monday, September 20
Sukkot: The Difference Between Words, a Kiss, a Glance and a Hug

Monday, September 13
Yom Kippur: Special 9/11 Tribute: A Discussion on Forgiveness

Monday, September 6
Rosh HaShana: It's All in the Head

Monday, August 30
Nitzavim: The Essence of Choice

Monday, August 23
Ki Tavo: Progressive Judaism

Tuesday, August 17
Ki Teitzei: Holy Chutzpah

Monday, August 2
Re’eh: When the Animal Speaks, Listen
The Torah provides two signs to determine which animals are kosher: split hooves and chewing the cud.
What is their spiritual message?

Monday, July 26
How to Overcome the Challenges of Poverty and Wealth

Monday, June 7
When Equality Becomes Divisive

Monday, May 31
Memorial Day: No Class

Monday, May 24
Death & Immortality

Monday, May 17
Wide Asleep
Immanence vs. Transcendence

Monday, May 10
How to Read a Blueprint
What is Torah, really?

Monday, May 3
The Kabbalah of Interest, Partnership & Profit
How We Affect G-d

Monday, April 26
The Kabbalah of Speech
How Your Words Can Change a Life and Change the World

Monday, March 22
The Kabbalah of Freedom
An Overview of Passover: Its History, Laws, Customs, and Timeless Significance

Monday, March 15
The Kabbalah of Sacrifices
In the Temple the sacrifices were a central part of the service. What is the purpose of bringing these offerings and what is it meant to achieve?

Monday, March 8
The Kabbalah of Shabbat