Echo-less Shavuot

Tonight starts the two-day holiday of Shavuot. On Shavuot we relive the revelation of G-d and the giving of the Torah.

G-d spoke at Mount Sinai, but there was no echo. The question is, Why?

Our sages explain that when G-d spoke at Mt. Sinai there was no reflection of sound, not in time and not in space. Every fiber of existence and non-existence, of the here-and-now as much as of the then-and-there, swallowed and internalized G-d's voice, His expressed will. There was no resistance or throwing back, and hence no echo. And so G-d continues to speak, the cosmos absorbing and constantly reabsorbing his words.

This ongoing revelation (read revolution) which began at Mt. Sinai effectively shattered the impenetrable barrier that once divided matter from spirit, the physical from the spiritual. Now they not only co-exist but actually affect each other, each illuminating in the other their inherent potential.

This year, as every year, we won't be merely commemorating a historical and unprecedented event that happened 3,321 years ago, but reliving, re-receiving and reabsorbing the same vibrant vibrations of G-d's word, the Torah, in our time and in our space.

Wishing you an internal-most receiving of the Torah into your inner and outer-most dimensions with true joy and gladness of heart; a happy and echo-less Shavuot to you and yours!

See you at Sinai!

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