Why Negotiating with Hamas Is a Disaster for Israel

What must the world think? 

Israel bombs Hamas then sits down to a meeting with them. Drops munitions on their homes. And then sips Perrier with them. Kills their wives and children and then invites them to tea.  

What must the world think? Israel calls Hamas bloodthirsty savage beasts. And then asks them politely to please, please stop shooting at them.  

This doesn't look like a country being besieged by rockets. Or like some safe haven from centuries of persecution.

There's no doubt that there are millions of people worldwide who are merely looking for an opportunity for their latent anti-Semitism to rise to the fore so that they can then champion some international humanitarian cause. 

But there are also hundreds of millions of people across the globe that don't know (nor care much) for the facts and trust more in the nightly news and their own intuition about right and wrong, the good guys and the bad. 

If I were your average American citizen, I would believe Hamas to be the underdog with a righteous cause, if even I considered their practices of resistance unorthodox. (After all what are an oppressed people supposed to do against a well-oiled military machine a thousand times their size?)

Israel claims that Hamas is a murderous terror organization that will stop at nothing short of the total annihilation of Israel. Netanyahu last week said, "ISIS is Hamas; Hamas is ISIS."

Really? Then how come Israel is negotiating with them (or their proxies)? What is there to negotiate? Israel claims Hamas wants them all dead. So are the Jews negotiating the degree to which they'll allow themselves to be killed? Are they going half way? Hamas kills 50% of Israel's people only if we get to retain the other 50%? Is that what's under negotiation?

Apparently Israel wants to live and Hamas wants them to die. How do you reconcile that

By negotiating with terrorists Israel instantaneously undercuts the very message it is spending millions of dollars to promote.

It's time Israel saves the money they're investing in "explaining" (hasbara) themselves and start acting like they believe their own narrative. Because if they don't, how can they expect me to?