Be Strong, for Your Enemies' Sake

I just finished reading Ambassador Michael Oren's definitive book on the Six Day War, titled Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East. This is a must read for any person who wants to even begin to understand what's really going on in the larger Mid-East today.

This is a jaw dropping, heart swelling, mind-boggling account written by a master storyteller. The story of the war itself is quite literally incredible. Unfortunately so much of the blessings of this war were undone by Israel's lack of moral clarity and confidence to own their wins during and in the immediate aftermath of the war. Had they done a better job of unequivocally accepting their unprecedented gains, tens of thousands of lives - Jewish and Arab lives - could have been spared in the decades that followed. 

If you read this book and follow Israel news, your mind will be boggled at how we could be making the same mistakes now as we made then - in regards to Iran, the Americans, the UN, the Palestinians and so on.

Time for us Jews to shed our ghetto mentality and realize we don't have to ask anybody's permission to assert our "right to self-defense" or apologize - explicitly or implicitly - for simply existing. Doing so will not only mean a loss (or a greater loss) of life for Jews, but for many Arabs as well.

Remaining strong and owning our destiny is the surest way to avoid war and dissuade our enemies from raising yet another generation of haters and killers - thereby sparing them further disappointment and setbacks, which only further fans the flames of hatred.