Yom Kippur and the Gift of Snow White

Yom Kippur is given to us as a gift to get white-clean, "white like snow" in the liturgy, and move on, not as a day to get dirty by wallowing indulgently in yesterday's misdeeds. 

Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is about returning to our highest and deepest essence. That place that is One with G-d, where all action and  inactions are of no consequence, to that place where we are white pure and can never be sullied no matter how many concealments and obscurities (or obscenities).

We return to the highest level of the five levels of the soul known as Yechida ("oneness") during the fifth and climactic prayer of Yom Kippur, the prayer of Neilah, which means locked as we are locked in total holiness and unity with our essence, our source, the One living G-d. 

So this year, as Yom Kippur comes to completion, let's sing in the confidence that this year will be better, higher and holier than the previous one. Let's dance with the assurance that G-d will grant us and all of creation a year of life and living.

May we all draw down the highest of high into the lowest of low of our daily lives and material world, ushering in an era of brotherly love, true peace among nations, and the sole occupation of the study and knowledge of G-d. 

Here's to embracing the power of the day by letting go and giving in to the eternal goodliness and G-dliness of our inner essence!